Dance & Yoga Storytime

New in 2021, Ballet Play with Susan Paino (Ms. Susan) is a virtual program for children and can be sponsored by public libraries, preschools, dance/theatre studios, and homeschool/parent groups.

Watch an introductory message recorded at Ms. Susan's home studio.

Upcoming Classes & Events

Check back after January 15, 2021.


About Ballet Buddies

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Story Dance is a creative movement story hour for preschoolers. Children (along with their parents/caregivers) are invited to dance, play, and use their imaginations to act out a story in this one-hour event led by teaching artist, Susan Paino.

Story Dance is interactive. At times, everyone will be up and moving.


The program combines natural movement, story-telling with music, games to promote reading-readiness, and discovery time with hands-on materials and music instruments.


The size of the group depends upon the size of the event space. Formal activities last 45 minutes plus 15 minutes of open play time when everyone is welcome to check out the

keyboard, drum, and story dance props.


Goals and Objectives

· Joy through natural/creative movement, dance, and story-telling

· Practice with listening, responding, taking turns, cooperation, and sharing

· Self-awareness and self-control

· Music appreciation

· Opportunities for self-expression, making choices, and discoveries

Popular story dance titles:

-The Lonely Butterfly

-The Make-Believe Tree

-Up Into Space

-The Curious Cats

Stories are created using themes such as  animals, space, feelings, make-believe, and every-day-kid-stuff.

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