Teacher A

Be quiet.

Sit down.

Keep still.

Stop moving.

Listen to me.



Why aren't you listening to me?

How many times do I have to say, "No."?

I don't care.

Because I said so.

What's wrong with you?

Get over here and don't move.

If you don't stop it right now, I'm going to talk to your parents.

If you don't stop it right now, I'm going to send you to the principal's office.

If you don't stop it right now, you are going to miss recess.

I am tired of your nonsense.

I am tired of you.

I give up.

Teacher B

It's okay to be noisy.

Feel free to move around.

Yes, you may.

Talk as much as you need.

Sure, you can.

I'm happy to see you.

It's so much fun to be with you.

Yes, please tell me.

I care.

Because we are learning together.

Would you like to tell me about it?

Do you need some help?

Let's talk. Okay?

If you're having trouble, I'm here to help.

If you're feeling sad, I'm here to listen.

If you're afraid, we can talk about it.

Don't worry.

Everything will be okay.

I am here to listen.

I am here with you.

Let's keep trying.

Which teacher are you?