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Classes for Children

Participation in developmentally appropriate dance activities can help children grow physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. Not only do children build skills, but they also discover the art of dance and movement through self-expression, imagination, exploration, and story-telling.

I lead classes for children ages 3-8 in three formats: multi-week sessions, school-year programs, and summer sessions. Dates, times, fees, and locations (in-person and virtual) are listed for each class below.

The Events page lists free family programs held at public libraries and other community spaces.

Summer Arts Camp at The ArtsCenter

Grades K-2


2022 Summer Arts Camp, The ArtsCenter,  Carrboro, NC

Students explore a new theme each week through movement, creative dramatics, and art-making.

Artful Scientists - (July 18-22) Grades K-2

Sounding it Out - (July 25-2) Grades K-2

Rainbows, Butterflies, and Other Colorful Things - (August 1-5) Grades K-2

Worlds of Elements - (August 8-12) Grades K-2

Curious Cats and Other Conundrums - (August 15-19) Grades K-2

Register online with The ArtsCenter in Carrboro, NC

Dance & Yoga Storytime

Ages 3-5


A fun and creative introduction to dance. In a structured and playful learning environment, children practice movement skills derived from yoga, ballet, and various other dance forms. Story-telling with books, music, and creative movement enhances the development of self-expression and musicality.​ Rhythm instruments and handmade costume pieces and dance props are used 

throughout the class.

Date/Time: TBA

Location: TBA

Ballet Play

Ages 5-6


Students develop a strong understanding of basic dance concepts and vocabulary through developmentally appropriate exercises and games that emphasize body awareness. Explorations with imagery, music, and movement nurture self-expression, discovery, and making choices. Incorporating props and costume pieces, class members perform teacher/student-generated story dances together 

Date/Time: TBA

Location: TBA


Ages 6-8

ballet black leggings.jpg

Creativity and technique are blended in a fun and challenging class that refines musicality, flexibility, balance, and control. Students study basic ballet technique through stories and music explorations, tapping into their creative expression. This class enhances children’s cognitive abilities as they learn and create dance combinations. 

Date/Time: TBA

Location: TBA

Dance with Hoops & Loops

Ages 6-8


Students explore movement concepts and develop dance skills, strengthening their bodies and brains. Creativity is nurtured as we learn, create, and improvise choreography using handmade dance props called, Hoops & Loops. Collaboration is encouraged with partners or small groups, to create dances using fundamentals of choreography, as well as music and sound explorations.

Date/Time: TBA

Location: TBA

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