• Susan Paino


With all the scraps of fabric I have left-over from sewing projects, I make little puffy hearts that are just right for holding in your hand. Last fall, I began using them for my preschool and kindergarten dance classes.

During dance classes for those age groups, we spend much time moving around as a group, but there are also times when children need to wait their turn quietly, and that can be challenging.

The hearts-in-hand idea has turned out to be a huge help. When we come to a turn-taking part of the class, I ask everyone to take a heart. They learn that when they have their heart in their hand, it is time to be quiet and wait till they hear their name. When they hear their name, they bring me the heart and after taking a turn, I give it back to them.

At the final class of the session, they take a heart home to keep.

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