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Tap Shoes Anyone?

Need a pair of tap shoes?

Maybe you should come see me!

Many years ago, I began teaching tap dance at a youth theatre, and we didn't want to make it a requirement for families to buy tap shoes, especially since kids grow out of them so fast. That's when I began collecting tap shoes of all sizes, but mostly children's sizes. Students could borrow shoes for as long as they needed - it's what I continue to do today.

No matter where I teach tap dance, I share my vast collection of gently worn tap shoes, and I get takers of all ages - toddlers up to senior adults. If you take a tap class with me, you can choose to buy your own shoes or borrow a pair from my collection.

The most memorable tap shoe-sharing experience I ever had was when I presented them to my toddler classroom (not quite 2-year-olds). They loved taking them on and off and listening to the sounds of their moving feet!

If you've never experienced the fun of wearing tap shoes (or watched children as they wear them for the first time), give it a try sometime. Bet it will make you smile!


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